CuvettePlate Micro Plate Adaptor
For using Cuvettes and Validation of your Micro Plate Reader
Adaptor plate which allows the use of standard cuvettes with your Micro Plate reader. The CuvettePlate has a hole alignment that conforms to the wells in a 96 well micro plate. There are ridges which align the cuvettes over the available holes through the adaptor. A small ridge in the center of the CuvettePlate slightly tilts the cuvettes so that the bubble in a liquid sample will be kept away from the light beam of the micro plate reader.
Primary Usage
Performance Validation of your Micro Plate reader with NIST references and adaption of standard cuvettes for use with 96 well plate reader.
Useable Cuvettes
Standard rectangular cuvettes and filters
Injection molded black polymer with dimensions of 96 well plate
Compatable Readers
The CuvettePlate should be compatable with all 96 well plate readers
Validating your Micro Plate Reader with liquid filled cuvettes is easy with the CuvettePlate. Place your NIST traceable standards in the CuvettePlate and they will be aligned into the format for your reader and held so that the bubble in the cuvettes will not interfere with the analysis. You can use any of the Starna validation references as well as the NIST SRM-2034 Holmium.

You can validate your Micro Plate Reader using standard NIST traceable filters such as neutral density filters (our catalog number RM-1N2N3N or NIST SRM-930) that you may already have for your spectrophotometer.

If you need to use your Micro Plate Reader for just one or a few readings and you do not want to use up a whole 96 well plate, you can use a quartz, glass or plastic cuvette. Place your sample in the cuvette, push in a sealing cap and lay the cuvette into the CuvettePlate. You are ready for a quick and easy analysis without wasting an entire 96 well microplate.
Catalog Number Description
SCP-96-8R Starna CuvettePlate, microplate adaptor
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