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6BF PMMA Fluoresence Reference Set
Description A set of 6 polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) blocks in the dimensions of a standard cuvette. Each block holds a different fluroesence material in its matrix allowing for fluoresence calibration across a wide area of the spectrum
Primary Usage Calibration of fluorescence spectrophotometers and evaluation of methods used on the fluoresence spectrophotometer.
Useable Range 290nm to 573nm
Physical Configuration PMMA blocks with all sides polished in the dimensions of a standard 10mm pathlength cuvette.
Documentation Each set is supplied with a booklet which describes the use of the material and sample excitation and emmission curves

Product Description

View/Download Comprehensive Data Sheet for Doped-Polymer-BlocksStarna-6BF Reference

The Starna 6BF Fluorescence Reference set is designed to make calibration and monitoring of your fluorometers easy and reliable. The PMMA blocks will neither leak or break. Each of the 6 reference blocks has a different excitation and emission curve which allows for checking your instrument across the spectrum. You can download the booklet for the 6BF reference set which contains both the excitation and emission curves.

Download 6BF Documentation

Brief Overview of reference block contents:

Sample# Compound Nominal Concentration Excitation(nm) Emission(nm)
1 Anthracene 1x10-5 360 402
1 Napthalene 6x10-5 290 330
2 Ovalene 2x10-7 342 482
3 p-Terphenyl 5x10-7 295 338
4 Tetraphenylbutadiene 3x10-7 348 422
5 Compound 610 1x10-6 440 475
6 Rhodamine 2x10-7 562 573

How to Order

Catalog Number Description
6BF Fluorescence Referene Set, 6 PMMA blocks
#1 of 6BF Anthracine and Napthalene block
#2 of 6BF Ovalene block
#3 of 6BF p-Terphenyl block
#4 of 6BF Tetraphenylbutadiene block
#5 of 6BF Compound 610 block
#6 of 6BF Rhodamine block

Download MSDS Sheet for RM-6BF Reference