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Raman Water Fluorescence Reference
Description A solution of Ultra-Pure water, permanently heat fusion sealed in a high quality quartz fluorometer cell.
Primary Usage Qualification Fluorescence Spectrophotometer.
Useable Range 250 to 600 nm
Physical Configuration Far UV Fluorescence cell that has been permanently sealed by heat fusion, manufactured within an ISO Guide 34 accredited environment.
Certification Certified reference material with certificate

Product Description

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The Starna Raman Ultra-Pure Water, Certified Reference material is designed to make validation and comparison of fluorometers reliable and repeatable. Used by instrument vendors to establish the Signal to Noise Ratio and therefore the performance sensitivity of the instrument. The use of high purity water permanently heat fusion sealed in a quartz fluorometer cuvette assures that the reference material is both reproducible and stable. Each reference is supplied with a certificate of performance.

Corrected molecular emission spectrum

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Catalog Number Description
RM-H2O Reference cell for Raman calibration of fluorometers

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