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Toluene in Hexane Reference, NIST Traceable
For assessing the bandwidth and resolution of your UV spectrophotometer
Description Quartz Cell filled with 0.02% Toluene in hexane solvent and hexane blank
Primary Usage Determine the bandwidth and resolution of UV spectrophotometers
Useable Range 267.0nm to 268.7nm on instruments with less 3 nm SBW
Physical Configuration Far UV quartz cells that have been permanently sealed by heat fusion
NIST Traceability Each set is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and NIST Traceability
ISO Accredited Accredited by UKAS ISO 17025, ISO Guide34 and ISO 9001

Product Description

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The Spectral Bandwidth (SBW) of a spectrophotometer is the basis of establishing its ability to resolve absorbtion lines seperated by small differences in wavelength. If a substance that you need to measure has an absorbtion line at 257.4nm and there is an interfering line at 260.0 nm you need to establish whether your spectrophotometer can resolve the two lines seperately or "mixes" the two absorbtion lines into a single line which would give erroneous results.
Toluene in Hexane is used as a reference for the calculation of SBW. The ratio of the absorbtion of the solution when read at a maxima (around 268.7nm) and at a minima (around 267.0nm) relates directly to the SBW of the instrument being assessed. Regular use of this technique will assure that the resolution of your instrument is within the required range for your work

Suggestions for Use

Set your spectrophotometer to a slit width and a scan rate. Make a note of the settings. Place the Hexane call in the blank position and the Tol/Hex cell in the sample position. Scan from 265 to 270 nm. Determine the absorbtion values for minima around 267.0nm and the maxima around 268.7nm. Divide the maxima absorbance value by the mimima absorbance value. Compare your ratio result to the expected result in your instrument handbook

Toluene in Hexane scan

Interpertation of Results

After determining the ratio of the Toluene in Hexane as instructed in your instrument operation handbook, follow the interpertation of results as specified by the instrument manufacturer. All instruments use the results differently.

Quality program

Each time that the analysis is repeated you can compare the new results with the previous results to check for any variance. If your instrument needs service because of a change in absorbance, the historical data will greatly assist the service technician.

How to Order

Catalog Number Description
RM-TX Resolution reference cell, Toluene in Hexane with Hexane blank

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